Thursday, January 26, 2017

Wrap-Up Post

CPT 202 Blog Assignment 

I was born an artist, and that may sound like a cliche but it's true. I enjoy not only making art, but viewing others work. I live to be inspired by the arts, both contemporary and previous art movements. I have thoroughly enjoyed spending time creating this blog. I have previous blogging experience as I am an artist and have my own art blog to showcase my own work. It has been exciting to search the internet for new and intriguing artists; to be able to research who they are, their process, and their artwork. The video portion was a bit difficult at first, but I actually found some very interesting videos that relate to the creative community. I am very excited about the upcoming movie that I posted about: Loving Vincent. To have so many artists come together and create a film solely from his artwork is astonishing. The reviews were probably my least favorite part of the assignment. As an art student, I am constantly surrounded by critiquing others work. I found that reviewing other websites that are in the same realm as an art blog were easier to critique, though I didn't have many negative commentary. 
In conclusion to this assignment to create a blog and maintain it for a week, I have decided to continue blogging here for "Canvas Affect" and have both linked it to and from my own artist blog on Tumblr. I seek to inspire others, spark creativity, and continue to find new contemporary work for the creative community to view. That was the point of starting this blog, and I have no intention to stop. 

Caribou, Double Exposure Print, 2017©. Jordanne Bowen.

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