Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Review: Redbubble


Are you looking to sell your work? Why not try to do so online? When I first had the bright idea to sell my work, I wanted to find a convenient site that would take the stress off of me. With that in mind, I heard through some fellow artists about a print-on-demand site called "Redbubble." It is free to sign up and there are no hidden fees. Redbubble makes it possible for you to make the art from the comfort of your home, upload the file, place it on templates of products, price it yourself, and then Redbubble does all the rest for you. All you have to do after that is wait for the money to start coming in from sales. I myself started a site, and have had hundreds of viewers from across the globe, and multiple sales. The best way to make money with this site is spend time tagging your images and promoting your shop. Your work can be placed on virtually any product they offer. Some of those products include: stickers, prints, cards, clothing, phone cases, throw pillows, totes, and so much more! Redbubble is a smaller site in comparison to Cafepress or Zazzle, but has the most favorable commission settings as you can set your own. It's also more attractive in layout than other sites as well.  They do all the manufacturing and shipping of your items when customers purchase your work! The only downside of this site is the commission the site takes from your sales since they do all the heavy lifting. 

The company itself got started in Australia, and has over six million works of art on the site (if not more), with hundreds of thousands of artists who use a variety of mediums. They continue to grow everyday, and have great reviews from not only the artists who sell their, but from customers too. They truly encourage original and independent artwork. But of course, like most print-on-demand sites, there is a lot of tribute art or fan art. In conclusion: it is a well-rounded site which provides artists a platform to sell their artwork and I highly recommend this website to all artists, both new or established.

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