Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Review: Bored Panda


Everyday people scour the internet for new and interesting content. What if that content was about you or the art & design work you do? The best place to view everything new and exciting in art, design and everything in between is on a website called "Bored Panda." It was launched in 2009 from Lithuania. It is a leading art, design, and photography community for creative people. Their submission platform helps artists and creators to turn their own stories into viral content that turns into must-reads for all viewers. Their site is linked to their Facebook page and they even have their own phone app that you can download for free here: Bored Panda App. With this website you have instant access to the most creative and interesting stories on the internet, and you can even add your own images to creative, community-curated galleries. Login or register for free and you are on your way to making a name for yourself if you post content! Or you can simply browse through the site's categories and see what everyone else is doing. This website is not just a site, but a community for creative people, where the most voted users posts come first. Your content can go viral through BoredPanda, and it can be related to art, photography, design, entertainment, animals, travel, illustration, DIY, architecture, and more. It truly caters to every audience. Everyday there is a wide variety of content that shows up, bringing you up-to-date on what is going on in the creative community around the world. I have no complaints about this website as it truly captivates you and you could navigate it for hours without being bored. I highly recommend this site to anyone who doesn't want to be bored, and wants to be apart of a creative community. 
Share your story, Share your art, Inspire people!

Click here to browse their site or sign up: Bored Panda

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