Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Collage Artist: Erin Case

Erin Case

Erin Case is an award winning collage artist from Midland, MI. While only publicly exhibiting artwork since 2012, Erin's work has garnered International attention. Her collages were featured simultaneously in 42 separate locations across Canada for Art in Transit's International Collage Exhibition, she exhibited for Patchbox Project (Rome), Collagerie (Norwich), Paper Cuts (CA), and most recently with Art-A-Porter, a wearable exhibition curated by The Jealous Curator. She has been commissioned by the likes of Rebecca Wilson for Saatchi Gallery London, ABSOLUT Vodka, Vegas/Rated Magazine, Gather Journal, and Stolen Body Records, among others. Erin is currently in pursuit of degrees in both fine arts and psychology. She is a die-hard supporter of the arts, regularly organizing and hosting events throughout Michigan. Erin serves as the chief curator for Counter Culture Arts Collective in Saginaw, MI. 
She makes paper, interactive, analog and digital collages. Her technique combines an abundance of diverse images from vintage portraits to bright and breathtaking landscapes. She puts a surrealist twist to make the images of popular cultures and vintage photographs unique. In her collaged figures, they are mounted in external environments, being surrounded by the natural landscape around them. She prides herself on the juxtaposition in each work. She draws most of her inspiration from her own life experiences, such as her own behavior or what she can observe in others; why people do the things they do. Her work is about emotions that are only exclusive to humans. The work can be explained through metaphors from the imagery she conjures from her mind to portray an idea. She is in the works of a new collection, so be on the look-out for her work!

Haircut One -Erin Case with Andrew Tamlyn, 2012. *Winner Best Color Artwork, Cardinal Sins, Fall 2012.
Glaciers, Erin Case, digital collage, 2012.
Hymn/Him, Erin Case, paper collage, 2014.

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