Thursday, January 26, 2017

Artist: Yago Partal

Yago Partal

Yago Partal was born in Barcelona, Spain in 1982. He always knew he wanted to dedicate his life to creativity. He spent his early years at an art and painting academy and later studied Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona. He specialized in photography and was apart of multiple design studios. It was in 2013 that a company helped him develop his photography and video projects in the fields of architecture, fashion, advertisement, and music videos. In that same year he developed a series of digital illustrations that are truly captivating and entertaining called: "Zoo Portraits". The collection of work consists of animal depictions and soon enough the world was just as captivated by his work and it went viral. I believe this project was ideal for raising awareness and protection of the animal kingdom with the help of other organizations already working in the field.  It was developed along with Isabell Bazso, and is a registered trademark  and independent project that allows other companies to commercially use the images on their products. 
Zoo Portraits was designed to humanize animals. The project started as a marketing tool to publicize books for a different audience, but as soon as the internet got hold of it, the project shifted and later became a brand. The portraits define themselves in three big areas. The first is image where the portraits combine animals with fashion. It shows these animals as though they truly are human. He combined photography, illustration, and collage for these portraits. The second is education where Zoo Portrait's has made it a priority to include every specie where they each have or will have a space for information and links on their main page. It acts as almost a collective encyclopedia for people out there that are interested in the animal kingdom. The last big area is raising awareness where the brand has prioritized the devlopment of products in support of animals to the fullest extent of their possibilities, and work closely with those who want to protect nature and become involved. 
Yago Partal is a truly extraordinary artist that has the unique ability to draw you in, to an almost fantasy-like world, where animals are humans; sending a message that all animals are equal to us and where we become the animal. His other works featured on his personal website include many film, illustration and photography projects he works on both personal and commercial. Below are his works from the collection Zoo Portraits:

Asian Black Bear
Asiatic Elephant
Brown Throated Sloth 
Polar Bear

To view more of his work visit his website: Yago Partal
To visit the Zoo Portraits site visit this website: Zoo Portraits

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