Thursday, January 26, 2017

Artist: Charles Wilkin

Charles Wilkin

Silvers of You, Collage, Charles Wilkin

Charles Wilkin is a collage artist from the United States. His work with collage is a collection of thoughts and observations rather than focusing on only one them. He tries to reflect the world that we all live in, with the good, the bad, and the down-right ugly. Yet he was others to see the beauty hidden just beneath the surface, and making his audience realize what truly makes us human. Wilkin uses collage as a hodge-podge of people, culture, and emotional experiences that we all have. With that, he intertwines those human experiences with his own spontaneous creative process. His work holds so many layers of what it means to be alive. His creativity brings you into a moment, to today's events, even with the use of vintage imagery in some collages. 
This artist is an inspiration. His need to show us who we are as people and give us the ability to self-reflect is something an artist should strive to do: that their work that is personal can be relateable to others. The beauty in his work lets others find the beauty in the world around them and in themselves. Hopefully you can see beneath the surface by seeing his work!

Wooden Bundles, Collage, Charles Wilkin

Furnaces, Collage, Charles Wilkin

In Ruins, Collage, Charles Wilkin

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