Thursday, January 26, 2017

Artist: Amy Judd

Amy Judd

Amy Judd is a London-based painter, and her paintings are a collection of moments. All of them are very whimsical, almost surreal, and very intriguing. There is such an elegance that this artist creates in her work through the relationship between nature and women. It is full of beauty and mystery. Most of her inspiration comes from mythologies and other folklores that come from all across the globe. Her paintings create a new kind of mythological narrative thats been achieved through her flawless composition, lighting, and how she positions the subjects in her work.
There seems to be a theme of feathers throughout her paintings, that engulf the nude figures, almost act like armor for the women. She also uses other natural elements. They portray these women as both bold and strong, giving each figure the illusion of strength and bravery. I admire her use of the female figure with nature; especially how she has the muse looking away or covering their faces with feathers and flowers. Though her paintings have such a calming effect on the viewer, it leaves you with a soft yet playful feeling. Her work is represented by the Hicks Gallery where you can find more of her work!

You can find more of her work here: Amy Judd Art or Hicks Gallery

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