Thursday, January 26, 2017

Artist: Charles Wilkin

Charles Wilkin

Silvers of You, Collage, Charles Wilkin

Charles Wilkin is a collage artist from the United States. His work with collage is a collection of thoughts and observations rather than focusing on only one them. He tries to reflect the world that we all live in, with the good, the bad, and the down-right ugly. Yet he was others to see the beauty hidden just beneath the surface, and making his audience realize what truly makes us human. Wilkin uses collage as a hodge-podge of people, culture, and emotional experiences that we all have. With that, he intertwines those human experiences with his own spontaneous creative process. His work holds so many layers of what it means to be alive. His creativity brings you into a moment, to today's events, even with the use of vintage imagery in some collages. 
This artist is an inspiration. His need to show us who we are as people and give us the ability to self-reflect is something an artist should strive to do: that their work that is personal can be relateable to others. The beauty in his work lets others find the beauty in the world around them and in themselves. Hopefully you can see beneath the surface by seeing his work!

Wooden Bundles, Collage, Charles Wilkin

Furnaces, Collage, Charles Wilkin

In Ruins, Collage, Charles Wilkin

To see more of this artists work visit:

Wrap-Up Post

CPT 202 Blog Assignment 

I was born an artist, and that may sound like a cliche but it's true. I enjoy not only making art, but viewing others work. I live to be inspired by the arts, both contemporary and previous art movements. I have thoroughly enjoyed spending time creating this blog. I have previous blogging experience as I am an artist and have my own art blog to showcase my own work. It has been exciting to search the internet for new and intriguing artists; to be able to research who they are, their process, and their artwork. The video portion was a bit difficult at first, but I actually found some very interesting videos that relate to the creative community. I am very excited about the upcoming movie that I posted about: Loving Vincent. To have so many artists come together and create a film solely from his artwork is astonishing. The reviews were probably my least favorite part of the assignment. As an art student, I am constantly surrounded by critiquing others work. I found that reviewing other websites that are in the same realm as an art blog were easier to critique, though I didn't have many negative commentary. 
In conclusion to this assignment to create a blog and maintain it for a week, I have decided to continue blogging here for "Canvas Affect" and have both linked it to and from my own artist blog on Tumblr. I seek to inspire others, spark creativity, and continue to find new contemporary work for the creative community to view. That was the point of starting this blog, and I have no intention to stop. 

Caribou, Double Exposure Print, 2017©. Jordanne Bowen.

Artist: Amy Judd

Amy Judd

Amy Judd is a London-based painter, and her paintings are a collection of moments. All of them are very whimsical, almost surreal, and very intriguing. There is such an elegance that this artist creates in her work through the relationship between nature and women. It is full of beauty and mystery. Most of her inspiration comes from mythologies and other folklores that come from all across the globe. Her paintings create a new kind of mythological narrative thats been achieved through her flawless composition, lighting, and how she positions the subjects in her work.
There seems to be a theme of feathers throughout her paintings, that engulf the nude figures, almost act like armor for the women. She also uses other natural elements. They portray these women as both bold and strong, giving each figure the illusion of strength and bravery. I admire her use of the female figure with nature; especially how she has the muse looking away or covering their faces with feathers and flowers. Though her paintings have such a calming effect on the viewer, it leaves you with a soft yet playful feeling. Her work is represented by the Hicks Gallery where you can find more of her work!

You can find more of her work here: Amy Judd Art or Hicks Gallery

Artist: Yago Partal

Yago Partal

Yago Partal was born in Barcelona, Spain in 1982. He always knew he wanted to dedicate his life to creativity. He spent his early years at an art and painting academy and later studied Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona. He specialized in photography and was apart of multiple design studios. It was in 2013 that a company helped him develop his photography and video projects in the fields of architecture, fashion, advertisement, and music videos. In that same year he developed a series of digital illustrations that are truly captivating and entertaining called: "Zoo Portraits". The collection of work consists of animal depictions and soon enough the world was just as captivated by his work and it went viral. I believe this project was ideal for raising awareness and protection of the animal kingdom with the help of other organizations already working in the field.  It was developed along with Isabell Bazso, and is a registered trademark  and independent project that allows other companies to commercially use the images on their products. 
Zoo Portraits was designed to humanize animals. The project started as a marketing tool to publicize books for a different audience, but as soon as the internet got hold of it, the project shifted and later became a brand. The portraits define themselves in three big areas. The first is image where the portraits combine animals with fashion. It shows these animals as though they truly are human. He combined photography, illustration, and collage for these portraits. The second is education where Zoo Portrait's has made it a priority to include every specie where they each have or will have a space for information and links on their main page. It acts as almost a collective encyclopedia for people out there that are interested in the animal kingdom. The last big area is raising awareness where the brand has prioritized the devlopment of products in support of animals to the fullest extent of their possibilities, and work closely with those who want to protect nature and become involved. 
Yago Partal is a truly extraordinary artist that has the unique ability to draw you in, to an almost fantasy-like world, where animals are humans; sending a message that all animals are equal to us and where we become the animal. His other works featured on his personal website include many film, illustration and photography projects he works on both personal and commercial. Below are his works from the collection Zoo Portraits:

Asian Black Bear
Asiatic Elephant
Brown Throated Sloth 
Polar Bear

To view more of his work visit his website: Yago Partal
To visit the Zoo Portraits site visit this website: Zoo Portraits

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Photographer: Niki Feijen

Niki Feijen

Goodbye, 2015. Niki Feijen.

Do you ever wonder what lies behind the fence, past the Do Not Enter sign? Dutch photographer Niki Feijen takes you on an excursion into a world hidden in plain sight. Specializing in documenting abandoned places and forgotten architecture, Feijen travels the globe looking for more hidden gems tucked away. Beauty isn't always pristine and intact, and Feijen truly captures the beauty of decay in deteriorating places. His photography gives you a glimpse into the past and tells a story about what the place was once like. Once he comes across an impressive, yet eerie location, he tries to preserve what's left of the past by capturing the captivating character of them before they collapse. Each photo blends together the concepts of beauty and decay, and wishes to express that essence to his audiences. He is known for not using any artificial light sources, but instead uses a subtle HDR technique to capture the natural light in these dimly lit locations.
His work is represented in visual form or the public in two separate books that have been independently published: "Disciple of Decay" from April of 2013 and "Frozen" from September of 2014. In 2010 he had the opportunity to visit the best known place of desertion: Chernobyl Exclusion Zone and had the chance to photograph his adventure into this abandoned region. Feijen's photographs have been exhibited at art galleries and international art fairs. His work has also been featured on NBC, BBC, The Huffington Post, The Daily Mail and ABC News. As of recently his work has been a part of the Sir Elton John photography collection.
Each photo really brings you to the hidden places he has found; bringing you beyond that fence and into the abandoned locations you could only dream of coming across. If you have interests in urban exploration and photography, this is one photographer you are going to want to follow. 

Final Destination, date unknown, abandoned powerplant. Niki Feijen.
The Cell, date unknown, abandoned communist prison. Niki Feijen.

Fear and Decay in an abandoned prison, date unknown. Niki Feijen.

Deafening Silence, 2010, Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. Niki Feijen.

To view more of his work visit: Niki Feijen

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Review: Bored Panda


Everyday people scour the internet for new and interesting content. What if that content was about you or the art & design work you do? The best place to view everything new and exciting in art, design and everything in between is on a website called "Bored Panda." It was launched in 2009 from Lithuania. It is a leading art, design, and photography community for creative people. Their submission platform helps artists and creators to turn their own stories into viral content that turns into must-reads for all viewers. Their site is linked to their Facebook page and they even have their own phone app that you can download for free here: Bored Panda App. With this website you have instant access to the most creative and interesting stories on the internet, and you can even add your own images to creative, community-curated galleries. Login or register for free and you are on your way to making a name for yourself if you post content! Or you can simply browse through the site's categories and see what everyone else is doing. This website is not just a site, but a community for creative people, where the most voted users posts come first. Your content can go viral through BoredPanda, and it can be related to art, photography, design, entertainment, animals, travel, illustration, DIY, architecture, and more. It truly caters to every audience. Everyday there is a wide variety of content that shows up, bringing you up-to-date on what is going on in the creative community around the world. I have no complaints about this website as it truly captivates you and you could navigate it for hours without being bored. I highly recommend this site to anyone who doesn't want to be bored, and wants to be apart of a creative community. 
Share your story, Share your art, Inspire people!

Click here to browse their site or sign up: Bored Panda

Links to their other social media platforms:

Review: Redbubble


Are you looking to sell your work? Why not try to do so online? When I first had the bright idea to sell my work, I wanted to find a convenient site that would take the stress off of me. With that in mind, I heard through some fellow artists about a print-on-demand site called "Redbubble." It is free to sign up and there are no hidden fees. Redbubble makes it possible for you to make the art from the comfort of your home, upload the file, place it on templates of products, price it yourself, and then Redbubble does all the rest for you. All you have to do after that is wait for the money to start coming in from sales. I myself started a site, and have had hundreds of viewers from across the globe, and multiple sales. The best way to make money with this site is spend time tagging your images and promoting your shop. Your work can be placed on virtually any product they offer. Some of those products include: stickers, prints, cards, clothing, phone cases, throw pillows, totes, and so much more! Redbubble is a smaller site in comparison to Cafepress or Zazzle, but has the most favorable commission settings as you can set your own. It's also more attractive in layout than other sites as well.  They do all the manufacturing and shipping of your items when customers purchase your work! The only downside of this site is the commission the site takes from your sales since they do all the heavy lifting. 

The company itself got started in Australia, and has over six million works of art on the site (if not more), with hundreds of thousands of artists who use a variety of mediums. They continue to grow everyday, and have great reviews from not only the artists who sell their, but from customers too. They truly encourage original and independent artwork. But of course, like most print-on-demand sites, there is a lot of tribute art or fan art. In conclusion: it is a well-rounded site which provides artists a platform to sell their artwork and I highly recommend this website to all artists, both new or established.

Join Redbubble now for free: Sign Up

Or browse the site and shop: Redbubble